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Daniele Bergese

I’m a repairman specialized in saxophones offering high quality repair services and “Vintage Saxophone Evolution” is the name of my brand. I can proudly claim that any kind of saxophone damage have always been repaired in my lab so far. Replacements are available at my lab or new ones can be handcrafted identical to the original parts. Your overhaul is personally-designed and it will result in your saxophone being perfected thanks to the wide range of interesting and fully-tested options regarding pads, resonators, springs, lacquer, keys balance and custom modifications. Any saxophone brands can be repaired at my lab and, over the years, I have developed a special expertise on Selmer, Conn, Buescher, King, Martin, Buffet, Keilwert, Yamaha and Yanagisawa saxophones. Upon request, special custom modifications can be provided for every saxophone brand and model, so to enhance the instrument qualities, in full compliance with its originality. The set up that is finally designed will drastically improve the saxophone performance, based on the customer’s requests. Every single detail will be thoroughly looked after and the saxophone will be subject to a deep and intesive playtesting. Fully overhauled saxophones include a 18-month warranty and free assistance. Please contact me for any further information, I will be pleased to answer.



My custom resonators enhance harmonics, sound presence and projection. Saxophone articulation and response is faster and preciser. They are one solid piece of brass, shaped domed and beautifully finished. You can enrich your sound preserving your timber without changing your mouthpiece. I make custom sizes for every saxophone according to the saxophone characteristic and the player’s requirement. Any time you will have to change a pad you can easily remove the resonator from the old pad and place it to the new one. Once you have a custom set it will become a part of your saxophone. My custom resonators are high quality handcrafted and sold with 3 years warranty.


New high performance gold plated Norton springs for Buescher saxophones. Often original Norton springs are exhausted and weak giving slow and tired keys action. My new springs surprisingly improve Buescher technical performance moreover with a suitable diameter spring selection it is possible to improve the action according to the saxophone’s characteristics and player’s needs. I Rebuilded Norton Springs from the best materials respecting original thread. 3 years warranty. Sprigs are avaiable for all “Aristocrat” and “400” models.


Very rare and difficult to find, my “Original Buescher Norton Springs” reserve for sale. Please contact me to know the availability of springs diameter and length. Prices depend on dimensions and state of conservation. I also have for sale original Buescher snap on.



Saxophone overhaul : 850 €
Partial overhaul: 400 €
Hand-polished plated finish: 50-150 €
Neck cork replacement: 25 €
Neck tenon fit: 25 €
Needle springs - full repalcement: 100 €
Flat springs - full replacement: 50 €
One piece solid brass custom resonators: 180 €
Newly handmade gold plated Buescher Norton springs: 300 €
Repair services and custom modifications: 35 € /hr


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